Motobu Family: on Mitose
Note from Motobu, Chosei Soke and Family
Motobu Soke

Motobu, Chosei Soke has visited many foreign countries to teach Motoburyu Kempo and Motobu Udonde. At every seminar he taught, there would be a question and answer session. One question that was always asked was ‘ Are you related to Professor James Mitose?’ Motobu, Chosei Soke would always answer in English “NO”!!
Motobu Soke said he had “never heard of James Mitose until he visited the United States”. He stated that “his father, Motobu, Choki Sensei never spoke of James Mitose and none of the senior Black Belts of Motoburyu Kempo knew of Mitose”.
Another comment from the Motobu family was, “James Mitose never contacted them, not even one time. If Mitose was indeed related, why did he never contact us?”
“In Japan, there are several holidays a year; Shogatsu, the New Year, where people send Onenga, a New Years gift, Obun, (Respecting the Dead), in mid August, where Ocugen, a gift given to the family to show respect for the Elders, Sensei and family members who have passed on. Nenmatsu, the end of the year holiday in late December, where Oseibo is given. This is a gift for the end of the year. During these holidays, gifts are sent to family members, Sensei and others who are respected. The Motobu Family never received anything from James Mitose at any of these Holidays, or at any other time.”
 Motobu, Chosei Soke
Motoburyu Kempo
Motobu Udonde